Europa Secura is an international contest for secondary school student on security issues, the European Union and NATO and their roles in the global security system. The second year of the contest takes place from April to August 2012.

The first round of the contest took place on Tuesday May 29, 2012. Congratulations to all who qualified for the second round.

The topics of essays have been announced. For more information see here.

High School students from ten Central and Eastern Europe and Southern Caucasus are competing in a truly international event. With the help of our partner NGO’s, students from the following countries will discuss, develop and share perspectives on security in Europe:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina (European Research Center)
  • Bulgaria (NC Future Now)
  • Czech Republic (EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy)
  • Georgia (NGNI)
  • Hungary (Pillar Foundation)
  • Latvia (LATO)
  • Macedonia (Youth Educational Forum)
  • Poland (European Youth Parliament Poland)
  • Serbia (The Zajecar Initiative)
  • Ukraine (Donetsk Youth Debate Center)

    The contest is organized by EUROPEUM under the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic and European Union – Support of organizations working in the area of Active European Citizenship.




    MZV Supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Republic
    MO ČR Supported by Ministry of Defence, Czech Republic
    EU With support of European Union: Support of organizations working in the area of Active European Citizenship